UAI United for Sorina

Through the Blogs from Against Child Trafficking and Roelie Post, we have learned about the dramatic situation of Sorina. The 8-year old Romanian girl taken away, by the use of extreme force, from her Romanian foster family for intercountry adoption.

We are appalled by such actions, which must be traumatising for the child and absolutely not in her best interest.

We are following developments in Romania and at the European level since long. We explained that to the European Commission in May 2018, when we complained about their unacceptable treatment of Roelie Post – read it in this LETTER.

It is pretty clear to us that what happens now with Sorina, is clearly linked to what happened to Roelie Post. The European Commission became part of the adoption lobby.

As for Romania, we would like to point to the Dutch report ‘Reflections on Intercountry Adoption’ of the Council for the Administration of Criminal Justice and Protection of Juveniles (2 November 2016)
It concluded that the Netherlands should no longer adopt children from EU Member States because of the principle of subsidiarity. In simple language: EU Member States must be able to care for their own children!

Besides the five scenarios discussed, the Council recommends to terminate immediately the collaboration with countries with specific problems. This concerns China (supervision by Central Authority and accredited bodies not possible), the US (violates the intention of the Convention’s provisions with respect to the principle of subsidiarity and freely given consent) and countries of origin that are EU Member States (principle of subsidiarity).

Please Romania, stop selling your children.
Don’t sell Sorina.

Please European Commission, rehabilitate Roelie Post.
Get children’s rights right again!