Providing the Evidence that Intercountry Adoption is Child Trafficking

UAI (United Adoptees International) challenges the way that adoption is being promoted at the international level.

Our aim is to bring together adoptees and adoptee organisations and Set the Record Straight – provide detailed background information on the history, malpractice and damage caused by the intercountry adoption business.

UAI carries out root searches (adoptees finding their families), each one of which becomes a pilot project of relevance to governments and policy makers.

UAI believes that:

– Intercountry adoption must be stopped (it cannot be reformed);
– The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child must be correctly implemented by all nations (and not undermined by the Hague Adoption Convention);
– Each and every adoptee must be compensated for their loss of identity and separation from family, culture and language;
– Governments must properly fund organisations which assist victims of adoption (not the adoption agencies which have profited from this business).

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Indian children being prepared for intercountry adoption

Indian children being prepared for intercountry adoption